Machine Cleaning and Painting

Industrial Machinery Cosmetic Maintenance and Aesthetic Restoration

We can make your dirtiest, greasiest machinery look brand new with our unique sanding and cleaning formula. We will give it a complete makeover, renew the lettering and apply finishing touches. Your machines will sparkle when multiple coats of grime and grease are cleaned off by Preferred’s unique formula. This process is an excellent choice for industrial tanks, construction equipment, amusement park rides and equipment, compressors machine tools and motors.


  • Durable and versatile: Electrostatic paint method creates a strong electric charge making a strong bond to the machine and can use any color or type of paint.
  • Professional looking finish: You will achieve a professional look when you revitalize with high gloss electrostatic painting.
  • Overspray eliminated: The electrostatic painting method causes a magnetic attraction thus allowing the paint to wrap around objects also covering hard to reach areas.
  • Become a chemically resistant surface: Because electrostatic painting is the cleanest and fastest method, there will be no business interruption.
  • Economical: Electrostatic paint renovation services are the most cost-efficient way to restore and brighten your used equipment.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Green advantages achieved by releasing less contaminants into the environment and not requiring solvents that can evaporate or contaminate drainage water.
Machine Painting
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